In this game, participants will… 

the core concepts and terminologies of blockchain

the process of hashing, chaining, mining, and consensus

a blockchain network and the mining competition 

the benefits and drawbacks of blockchain

how BC technologies work (or don’t) in real-world settings

HashFabrik has already enthused classrooms all over the world

We played the game at Boston College as part of my "Business Applications of Blockchain" lecture’s curriculum, and the students absolutely loved it! The simulation really builds up the important aspects of how transactions are hashed, linked, mined, and verified, all step-by-step with mini-practice rounds after each, before students really have to mine some transactions end-to-end. 

As the one leading through the game, I had a great experience too. After each of the concepts taught and practiced, there is the time to pause to bring in anecdotes or answer questions. The instructions are really clear and the team was happy to help out when we had questions. I had a lot of students approaching me after class telling me that they finally understood what some of the concepts really meant, which is really crucial if you want to really grasp what blockchain is and if you somehow want to work in the field of blockchain, so I will definitely use it again!

- Bennett Collen
Adjunct Professor at Boston College, Head of Blockchain and Trademarks at GoDaddy, previously Founder and CEO of Cognate (acquired by GoDaddy), a blockchain-powered trademark rights protection platform 
I am really glad we opted to play the simulation in our classroom! It is really interactive as each participant plays a miner on their own laptops, which delivers a great learning experience. We decided to make it more competitive and gave out prizes depending on the final scoreboard, but it could equally be played in a more executive setting. The design is really modern and minimal, the wording engaging but professional, and the industry use case really versatile, so it really speaks to a broad audience.

- Sara Samir
Teaching Assistant and Gabelli Presidential Scholar at Boston College 

The Game

Whether you work in a university, a startup, a consultancy, a financial institution, or by yourself, this simulation will help bring your audience’s understanding of blockchain to the next level. 


Our founders and lovely staff will provide professional assistance along your journey, no matter where you stand and where you want to go. We make sure you feel equipped and ready to teach everything you know. 

We made sure that the simulation is not only relevant and educational, but also interactive, creative, and fun.
We have the blockchain, business, and educational knowledge. This combination gives our educational products the tech correctness, the business relevance, and the learning experience.



The game simulates a blockchain network, where every participant plays a node



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Purchase the full white-label application suite including 5 use cases to tailor the learning and development to you and your clients’ needs 
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DenkFabrik works on the adoption of blockchain technology in our everyday lives. And we know that adoption of deep tech starts with understanding. 

We have incorporated blockchain into corporate strategies, investment theses and university curricula . Hence we have taught executives, fund managers, and students thelike. By combining our blockchain knowledge, business acumen, and educational experience, we know what’s relevant for different levels, different industries, and different settings. 

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